Our Supporters

The Prognosis is supported through partnerships with McGill’s Global Health Programs (GHP) and the Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP).  In keeping with the journal’s focus on research at the intersection of social, biomedical, global, and local perspectives on health, these organizations are uniquely placed to facilitate the ongoing work of this student-run publication.

GHP currently partners with numerous departments at McGill to promote human well-being, productivity and economic development, and is actively involved in research and training around the globe. Committed to collaborative projects that improve health through educational, clinical, developmental and research programs, McGill Global Health Programs is excited about new avenues to enrich the education of students interested in global health.

The IHSP conducts interdisciplinary research on how social conditions impact health and welfare.  In particular, it aims to translate research findings in the areas of social inequities and health outcomes into concrete provincial, national and international policies.  With expertise in student training, the IHSP is eager to develop additional opportunities to spread research findings that improve population-level wellbeing.

McGill GHP logo

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