Unanswered Questions and Ethical Dilemmas from Afghanistan: Unheard Voices and Enduring Suffering of Women Affected by Violence

Sakiko Yamaguchi Abstract: Based on reflecting on the experience of working with an Afghan widow, this essay unfolds the challenges and dilemmas of providing aid for vulnerable populations whose voices are rarely heard. Though global health policy makers and practitioners are fully committed to achieving universal health care, it is easy to overlook the fact […]

Is it still relevant to view health from a cultural standpoint? Globalisation, cultural dialogues, and suicide in Japan

Abstract: Cultural health psychology is a field which investigates health behaviours, and which seeks to link those behaviours to the social context in which they occur; globalisation, on the other hand, is a process which allows cultures to come into increased contact with one another. The process of globalisation has been accelerating at such a rapid pace that many wonder whether […]