Keeping Contraceptives on the Shelf: A Case Study on the Informed Push Model for Family Planning in Senegal

Frida Blackwell, Jennifer He, Breanna Hodgins, Gisele Nakhle, Ipshita Nandi, Marisa Okano, Anna Qian Abstract: In 2011 the Informed Push Model (IPM) was designed by Intrahealth International and its partners to address the issue of contraceptive unavailability in urban areas of Senegal. The IPM is a supply chain intervention system that brings the source of […]

Examining Barriers to Maternal Health Care in Kenya Using the Three-Delay Framework

Abstract: Objective: This paper examines the impact of multiple perceived and actual barriers on the demand and utilization of preventive and emergency maternal health care in Kenya. Results were used to formulate comprehensive health policy suggestions for future improvements in maternal health outcomes in Kenya. Method: Gabrysch & Campbell’s (2009) adapted version of Thaddeus & Maine’s (1994) “three-delay” framework was used to […]

Treatment of Schistosomiasis in Africa

Treatment of Schistosomiasis in Africa Abstract Schistosomiasis is part of a group of diseases that generally afflict the poorer regions of the world. These diseases are collectively called neglected tropical diseases because historically, little funding has been put into researching cures or treating the afflicted population; instead, efforts have been focused on more fatal diseases, […]